July 10th & 11th 2022 - Brussels

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WereWolfcon guestlist

WereWolfCon gueslist

The WereWolfCon guestlist

We can’t wait to celebrate again the WereWolfCon, we really want to see you again in 2022, because you are the reason of our work. During this time we worked, and we are working, in all events, on the guests, preparing the different activities, and to do the next edition an amazing event with the amazing WereWolfCon guestlist.

in the next edition, the 6th, we will have 4 guests who will make your date unforgettable.

  • Ryan Kelley: It will be his 6th time. Ryan has never missed his date with KLZ Events in Brussels. In this new edition, he will attend both days of the convention and is a regular guest. In addition, he will also be at the party and will also host an exclusive dinner with only 6 people that we will soon announce how to participate.
  • Holland Roden: For the 5th time, Holland will attend WereWolfcon again. In this edition, Holland will attend only one day of the event as a regular guest and will also participate in the Sunday party, the new moon party.
  • Shelley Hennig: The second WereWolfCon for Shelley. The Teen Wolf actress will attend the two-day event as a regular guest, and will participate in the New Moon Party to enjoy an hour with fans and talk to them in an informal atmosphere.
  • Ian Bohen: It will be her sixth time at a KLZ_Events event. Ian is ready to enjoy two days with you all again. He will attend the party and all the group activities. Ian Bohen is a regular guest

All guests are ready to enjoy again an event like the WereWolfCon FanMeet and to be close to all TeenWolf fans.The guestlist is almost ready, and you, are you ready to meet your idols?


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