July 10th & 11th 2022 - Brussels

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Photos with your idols at the WereWolfCon

Photos teen wolf idols

One of the best memories of KLZ Events conventions are the photos. The actors pose for you and you enjoy some time with them, that’s why photos with your idols at the WereWolfCon are a great way to take home a wonderful souvenir.

This activity is a favorite among attendees because in addition to being close to their favorites, they also get to take home a souvenir of the moment forever. In the photo sessions all the guests are very open to the requests of their followers, so you don’t lose anything in asking for the hug you’ve always dreamed of.

So that you can fulfill your dream, at the WereWolfCon you will have 5 different types of photos:

  • Single photo op: you and your favorite, in this type of photo he poses for you. Once the photo session is over, you can take your copy home.
  • Polaroid Photo op: You and your favorite Teen Wolf in a polaroid photo. Put your best face forward because you only get one chance.
  • Group Photo op: All convention guests in the same photo. No, it’s not a dream, the group photo op is the best option if you want to remember all the guests in the same photo.
  • Selfie photo op: Directly to upload it to your social networks. The selfie photo op is a photo taken from a KLZ Events smartphone and is a photo that will be sent by Whatsapp. Be the envy of all your friends during WereWolfCon.
  • Duo photo op: The opportunity to have your photo taken with Ryan Kelley and Holland Roden or the two convention girls, Holland Roden and Shelley Henning. A dream come true in Brussels.

All photos, except the polaroid and selfie photo ops, will be available after the event in digital format in our photogallery.


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