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Meeting room, the best way to meet your idols

KLZ Events - Meeting Room WereWolfCon

Meet your idols in a private meeting room

When you attend one of the conventions of your TV shows or movies, one of your goals is to meet and to be close to your idols. We know that, and that’s why we created an activity where you can meet them, the meeting room, the best way to meet your idols.

The Meeting Rooms are the best opportunity to stay close to the guests, everyone has their own meeting room to talk with their fans about their career and their role in the TV show.


What are meeting rooms?

– They are the best way to be close to all WereWolfCon FanMeet guests.

– You will be able to enjoy a relaxed time and have a friendly conversation with your idol.

– Only a maximum of 20 people can enjoy this activity, so you can ask him/her whatever you want (always about his/her career or the TV movie).


Who can attend?

– You have to buy an entrance for the meeting rooms for each guest.

– With any pass for PostPanCon you can buy it.


Meeting room available at WereWolfCon

For the next edition of our Teen Wolf convention, the WereWolfCon, we have meeting rooms available for all guests. So Ryan Kelley, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig and Ian Bohen will be participating in each meeting room with all the fans.

This activity is planned for WereWolfCon FanMeet 2022 (July, 10th & 11th, 2022). Close to the date, we will announce which days it will be celebrated. Stay tuned to our official channels!

And remember that if you’re interested in participating in a guest meeting room at our conventions planned for 2022, you can buy it with your WereWolfCon pass.

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