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The essence of KLZ Conventions

KLZ essence
In 2009 we started KLZ Events to bring you an exclusive experience with the series conventions. KLZ events are made by fans for fans, because we know what you need and what is the most important for you when assist in a convention, discover the essence of KLZ Conventions.
In 12 years we have done more than 34 conventions, and after the knowledge and experience we are experts to develop international conventions for fans. This is our activity. This is the essence of KLZ conventions.  which is addressed to people with the same affinity. Our main objective is to fulfill the dream of many fans to meet their idols.

Experience from our conventions, the essence of KLZ Conventions:

In all conventions we want you live a unique experience with your favorite actors and actresses, that’s why we work our hardest to bring you the best activities that will make you remember our conventions forever. At BloodyNightCon, OneHundredCon, DarkShadeCon and WereWolfCon, the current conventions of KLZ Events,  we have prepared different exclusive activities for you. Some of them are:
Panels: our guests will interact with the audience, you will be able to ask them different questions.
Autographs: The moment to enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your favorite guest, and also to give a present/gift to your fav.
Photo op: The photos with the guests. You won’t be able to be as close to the guest as in any other activity.
Meeting room: You and 19 more assistants will be in a private room with the guest to enjoy a pleasant conversation with your idol.
These activities are thought for you to have the opportunity to meet your idols in an environment of your favorite TV shows and have the chance to be with him/her and also in the meeting rooms you will be able to ask them that question you have always wanted to ask.
If you have never assisted to one of our conventions and you want to assist to your first one. Ofr you want to remember the last WereWolfCon, you can watch this video and you will be able to see what we do for you, and discover the essence of KLZ Conventions.

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