July 10th & 11th 2022 - Brussels

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Shops under maintenance

We want to solve our shops problems as soon as possible. For this reason, this weekend our shops will be under maintenance:

February 7th: DarkShadeCon and OneHundredCon
February 8th: BloodyNightCon and WereWolfCon

The old shops will be available at: http://www.klzevents.shop

In this link you will find your previous orders and your account information.
If you want to buy a new item you shouldn’t do it in this link.

The new shops will be available at the old link shops:
WereWolfCon https://www.klzevents.com/werewolfcon/Shop/gb/
BloodyNightCon https://www.klzevents.com/BloodyNightCon/eShop/gb/
DarkShadeCon ht https://www.klzevents.com/DarkShadeCon/Shop/gb/
OneHundredCon https://www.klzevents.com/OneHundredCon/eShop/gb/

In these shops you will be able to buy your new items.
Don’t worry if you previous orders don’t appear at this new shop link or if you have any problem logging in

All procedures are controlled by KLZ Teams and no order will be lost.

We hope on Monday, February 8th, all shops will be available again without problems.

This maintenance is to ensure you have a better experience, if you have any problems in the process, orders are not appearing on the old store links or you cannot purchase your products, please email us:

WereWolfCon: werewolfcon@klzevents.com

BloodyNightCon: bloodynightcon_europe@klzevents.com

DarkShadeCon: darkshadecon@klzevents.com

OneHundredCon: onehundredcon@klzevents.com

Thanks for your patience!

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