July 10th & 11th 2022 - Brussels

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Multifandom events

This events are about tv, series, comic, manga, videogames… fandom, becoming this way the biggest ones in the company, afforting more than 2000 people and several areas inside the event.

This events recieve more than 2 guests. Last one had 17 guests about films, tv shows & the internet.

The areas in the event are:
· Auditorium: Use as a Q&A Panels room, a Music concert theatre, a performance theatre…
· Merchandising zone: A huge area with merchandise stands of the show, film… Also in this area is placed the photocall for the fans, workshops and round tables about common interests.
· Exhibition zone: Museum-like area, were the assistants can find collector’s pieces such as clothes, art, dolls, retrovideogames…
· Convention area: This area is for activities like Photo Ops, Autographs and Meeting Rooms with the actors.

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