How do I register in the DarkShadeCon shop?

Visit the following link Tutorials

How do I pay by credit card?

Visit the following link Tutorials

May I pay in installments?

Yes, we accept payments in installments.You can pay the passes until in three months with this conditions:

Paying with pre-booking of three months:
50€ first month
50% of the final total the following month
50% left of total, two months after the pre-booking
(available until april 2018 for the Salvatore and Exclusive passes. Normal passes must be paid for in two installments).

Payment in two months:
50% the first month
50% the following month
(available until may 2018 for all the passes)

How do I do a money transfer?

In our on-line store we only take:
Payment with credit card.
Money transfer (you must go to the bank and transfer the payment to the account number we will provide you with when you purchase your pass)
If anybody has problems paying, we accept the payment through Western Union

Can I ask for my money back of the products I bought already?

No, there is no refund of products bought except if the guest cancels.

Will I get my confirmations of the products I just ordered the week before the event?

YES. Please do not keep asking we always send them and if you paid, you will get them. If for some problem we didn’t get the money and you paid, please show this receipt of your payment on the registration, there’s no way you won’t get what you paid for.

I didn't choose my included photo op, can I now? I didn't receive any personal email.

NO. As we will be saying all over our social networks, official website and newsletter no personal emails will be sent. It is your responsability to have all the updates. If you didn’t send the email, we will put a random photo op chosen by the organization in your envelope, you can not change it. Stay tuned at our social medias.

I made an order x days ago and I still do not have the confirmations, is everything ok?

YES, but if you made it by bank wire we still do not have the money. If you did it by credit card and before you are orders with bank wire you will also get the confirmations a bit late, but as in all our events, you will have it BEFORE the event itself.

If any product is sold out or almost sold out, will we be able to purchase them in the event?

MAYBE. We try to save a small part of the products to sell in the event, if we do not say something about that specific product then it is absolutely sold out. If we say that a minimum quantity will be offered in the event, then we will sell them there.

I bought passes and extras for me and my friends but everything is under my name?

YES. Please send the name of your friends for our list. Once the registration is done you will be able to share the tickets of the products with them. About names you won’t have a confirmation for each pass, we only need the names for our list so you have everything you need.


When and where became the passes available.

The passes will be available in Nov 2019 in our online store

If I purchase a pass, can I buy pictures and autographs that are not included in the pass?

Yes, you can buy any product you want as long as you already have a pass.

Do all pass allow me to access to the event on both days? How do I get my pass?

Yes, all pass include entry permission for both days. The event will take place on Sunday and Monday. We will e-mail you an electronic pass after your purchase in .pdf format that you must print and hand out at the registration desk, where you will be given the actual pass.

How many passes of each kind are available?

At the moment we cannot say how many passes will there be available per category. But as a guideline, have under account that the more features a pass offers, the less passes of the kind will be available. The full capacity for the event is of 900.

May I re-sell my pass?

No, if you do, the buyer won’t be able to access the convention because all passes are nominative and we won’t change the name on the pass under no circumstances. Any change must be done through us.

May I buy my pass at the convention?

No, you must purchase your pass previously, we won’t be selling them at the convention. Nevertheless, in the event that pictures or autographs aren’t sold out, we will be selling them at the event too.

What happen if I bought the Saturday registration?

If you bought the “Saturday Registration” entrance, we will get a voucher to use the 5€ in the event.

How it works the registration?

The registration will be start on Thursday and finishes on Monday Morning. Please, check the schedule to know the hours and days.


When and where will the event take place? How many actors are coming?

The event will take place in July,10th and 11th, 2022 in Brussels. Check the main page to see the confirmed guests.

How can I know when I have to be at the photo/meeting/autograph?

We will announce on the Panel Room’s screens each activity and it’s pass’ range that can participate in that moment. Once we announce your pass range, we don’t recommend waiting, because you could lose that activity.*
* KLZ Events won’t be responsible of any lost activity once it has been announced on screen.

What if my activities are scheduled for one day and I’m only comming the other one?

KLZ Events’ events are two days, which is why all activities are split between the two days, and sometimes an actor might be there for only one day. KLZ Events won’t be responsible of any activity lost because of an absence.

How will the seats on the panels room be arranged?

There will be three seating areas, one after the other. Priority area is for Lead Pass, 2nd for Blod and 3rd for Dark passes. Each area will consist of many seat rows, and some areas might be bigger than others, depending on the kind of passes sold.

What time are the activities scheduled to start and end?

The event lasts two days, Friday and Saturday. The convention will start early in the morning and end at noon.
The register to collect the hanging passes will start on Thursday prior to the event weekend at noon at the convention’s venue.
The registration to pick up your neck passes will be on Thursday and the days of the event at the same place where the Convention is being held. At this registration you will find out your seat number in the panel room.
We normally announce the timetable about a month before the event unless, due to reasons beyond our control, we cannot announce it at that moment.

Will I see the actors no matter what pass I purchase?

Yes, all passes will allow you to see them every day of the event.

Will I be able to see the actors even if I don’t have a pass?

No, you need a pass to enter into the convention building. Security measures will be highly strong during the convention and it is strictly forbidden to get into the convention without your pass. If during the event something like this happens, the intruder will be hold and we’ll call the police.

Will there be simultaneous translation at the event?

No, we do not offer this. Actors we will have PAs that will help you with the comunication if you need it, but simultaneous translation is not offer.

What if a guest cancels? What would happen if I have products with him/her?

If a guest cancels, there will be different options:

1) Included photo: you will be able to go to any other of the REGULAR guests of BloodyNightCon Europe or OneHundredCon with your  included photo op ticket.

*We won’t accept other changes.

** We won’t accept refunds.

2) Single photo op and/or autograph: You will be able to use the ticket of other regular guests single photo op.

*We will not accept other changes.

**You can ask the refund of the photo ops after the event

3) Meeting room: you will be able to use the ticket of other regular guests meeting room.

*We will not accept other changes.

** We won’t accept refunds.

What is a bonus guest?

It is a guest whose photos and autographs are not included in any pass and you have to buy them apart, at the shop or at the merchandise zone. Although this guest will be at the pannels room and may appear at the party

What if I'm coming just one day? or I leave before?

The event is TWO DAYS. Two days means from the opening until the last activity and leaving before or coming later is under your risk. We will try to help as always because each case is different, but remember we are working for hundreds of people in the event and we can not stop something just for one person, think in big and do not individualize your problem.

Will you offer food in the event?

YES, not KLZ Events it self, but there’s a restaurant and they offers snaks, hamburgers, soups, drinks and many other things for a very reasonable price, also near the convention center your will find restaurants and convenience stores.

I'm pregnant, sick, disable, etc... Do I have to make the qeues?

NO, please tell the staff and will help you by giving you priority. If you are disable we need to see the disability card from the goverment. If you are sick (no colds hehehe, serious illness) please bring any paper that confirms this.

KLZ Eventers has priority on the registration?

YES. Just show the staff your card and follow them to the head of the qeue, you do not have to wait, but please do not bring non KLZ Eventers with you, if they do not have the card they must wait the normal qeue.

KLZ Eventers has priority both days?

KLZ Eventers has ALWAYS priority in any activity that starts, but if it’s something we made on saturday and we repeat on sunday, they will have to wait so the people that didn’t have the opportunity on saturday can do it. What KLZ Eventers CAN do is come to the photos both days or autographs. Just remember guys that there are people that only have one day and they also need their products.


May I and my friend be on a picture together paying only for one?

No, each of you must purchase a picture to be on one together, if not, only one of you will be allowed in the picture.

Does the adult that comes with me have to purchase the same pass I have?

If you are a minor and an adult is coming with you, you don’t necessarily have to have the same passes. For example, he/she could purchase a Dark pass and you a Lead, notice that different kind of passes won’t sit toguether.

Which merchandising will sign the guests?

They will only sign the KLZ Events/Darkshadecon official merchandising or official Shadow Hunters merch (DVDs, posters, etc.)

When can I give them a present?

Just during the autographs. You can not give them any present in any other activity. ​

Can we share a photo just with one ticket?

No, if you want a photo with your friends you all must have a ticket for that photo.


May I take pictures or videos with the actors with my own camera?

No, it is not allowed. Pictures or videos with the actors must be purchased separately if they are not included in your pass. Nevertheless, you are allowed to take your camera to the panels and take pics and film from your seat. However, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures in the Autographs and Photo ops rooms.

Can I take any photographs/ videos/ voice recordings of the actors?

It’s completely forbidden to take photographs, videos or voice recordings of the actors, except inside the Panel Room. You can only your flash in the first 5 minutes. Any photograph, video or vioce recording taken from outside the Panel Room, will be requited and deleted by a member of the staff.

I’m a minor, may I go to this event?

Yes, minors are allowed under the following conditions: if you are under 16, a responsible adult must come with you. If you are 16 or 17 you just need an authorization form properly completed and signed by your parents or legal custodian, you can ask for that form by email

at darkshadecon@klzevents.com. If you are 16 or 17, you CAN’T be responsible for an under 16 minor.

If I’m over 18, have my pass and want to be responsible for a minor I don’t know, am I allowed to do it?

No unless you are family. The adult must be legal tutor of the minor for any issue that could happen inside the event.


I am really lost, can you help me clarify all this?

KLZ Events is here to help and answer all your questions, even so, we strongly recommend you read the web carefully, particularly the “Terms and conditions” and “FAQ” sections, and also that you enter the forum, where you’ll find everything you’re looking for. But of course, if you still have any question just contact us at darkshadecon@klzevents.com and we’ll be very happy to help!

What is the best way to be updated about this event’s news?

You can follow are web site, our official Facebook group and our twitter. If you want to read all the news in your e-mail, register and subscribe to our forum to be the first to know all news.

Do you need any help?

We will be needing some Staff people to help us organize and control everything goes right during the event. A few months before the convention, we will call an announcement about this topic, and everyone who has a pass and want to help will be very welcomed to do it!

I sent an email with a problem a few days ago, will you reply and solve it?

YES, we will, so please do not keep sending emails this only delays the reply and the problem as it will be bump as a new one.