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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Installment payment is not accepted.
  2. KLZEVENTER code is unique and not transferable. Scalping the code is strictly forbidden, as the name attached to that code in our system will be the one of the original buyer and it won't be possible to modify it. If the code is scalped, the second buyer won't be able to enjoy its privileges.
  3. Being a KLZEVENTER does not allow you to skip the full performance of the terms and conditions of each convention.
  4. KLZ Events reserves the right to add new promotions for our conventions exclusively for KLZEVENTERS at any time. These new promotions are NOT retroactive.
  5. Purchasing a KLZEVENTER code means the acceptance of all and each one of the terms and agreements aforementioned.
  6. The KLZ Eventers purchased within two weeks prior to an event, are not valid for that specific event, but for the next event after that.
  7. KLZ Eventer discount can be use just one time per convention in your own ticket. You can not buy ticket for anybody else with the KLZ Eventer discount.



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