Event calendar:
Sep 14-20th: Included photos Passes 001 to 350
Sep 20-25th: Included photos Passes 351 to 700
Sep 24th: Close of bank wire option
Oct 3rd: Close shop online
Oct 5th: Registration
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6th & 7th October
2018 - Brussels
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Topic Questions (I)

Here are some of the topic questions we answer everyday in our official networks. Please take a look and solve your doubts :)

Will I get my confirmations of the products I just ordered the week before the event?
YES. Please do not keep asking we always send them and if you paid, you will get them. If for some problem we didn't get the money and you paid, please show this receipt of your payment on the registration, there's no way you won't get what you paid for.

I do not have a spot for saturday registration, will I able to make it anyway?
NO. Please this is serious saturday registration is more time destinated for something that already have a time in the convention (Friday) and we are quiting time to organization matters by making this registration, so if you do not have your email saying that you can come, you won't be able. We won't answer more emails like these one :(

I can not be there on friday at the time I supposed to, may I come later?
YES. We are very firm and restricted on saturday but friday is ALL for registration, so you have time to come from 16h to 21h, but be sure it is 16h to 21h, and not 21ish, because we close the registration at 21 o'clock.

I didn't choose my included photo op, can I now? I didn't receive any personal email.
NO. As we will be saying all over our social networks, oficial website and newsletter no personal emails will be sent. It is your responsability to have all the updates. If you didn't send the email, we will put a random photo op choose by the organization in your envelope, you can not change it. Stay tuned at our social medias.

I made an order x days ago and I still do not have the confirmations, is everything ok?
YES, but if you made it by bank wire we still do not have the money. If you did it by credit card and before you are orders with bank wire you will also get the confirmations a bit late, but as in all our events, you will have it BEFORE the event itself.

I received my last order confirmation on thursday before friday registration and i do not have time to print that one, may I show it on my phone?

If any product is sold out or almost sold out, will we be able to purchase them in the event?
MAYBE. We try to save an small part of the products to sell in the event, if we do not say something about that specific product then it is absolutely sold out. If we say that a minium quantity will be offered in the event, then we will sell them there starting on friday afternoon.

Thanks for your support and trust!
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