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6th & 7th October
2018 - Brussels
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Autographs sessions in WereWolfCon

Hello Everybody,

This activity brings you the opportunity to have a few momentos with the guests you choose and also, get an exclusive autograph just for you. The autograph are signed in front of you and won't be the same the assistant behind you will get. Enjoy that moment with your idol!

Please, respect whether or not a guest wants to personalize it. In case that a guest does, facilitate things by having a paper written in advance with your name for each autograph you have and put it on the table along with what you want that guest to sign, that will make everything runs smoothly :) .

You can give them all kind of gifts handmade or bought, just take in count they come with luggage so it is better if are things they can enjoy during their stay or small things that can fit in the luggages.

Here you have a list of what you can get signed:

- DVDs or Cds of the TV show/movie or other guest official projects.
- Official posters with logos or trademarks of the TV Show/Movie/etc...
- T-shirts or anyother type of material from any official campaign that guest supports.
- All the material avaiable in KLZ Events stand.
- Photo ops from other KLZ Events convention, just the official copy or official copies of the digital photo ops you have in your email from the official convention email.

If you are an artist and wish that the guest can sign something you made, you can send an email with photos of that thing to your convention official email and we will evaluate if it can be signed. Please, do not send graphic material with photos you found by internet, it won't be aprove. The evalutation will be made by the organization and each case will be evaluated individually.

It is extremely forbbiden autographs in other photo op from other oganizations or conventions, please do not make that sweet moment, in something bitter, you do not want us to draw your attention, and we do not want to do it. If you have any doubt of what you get or not signed, contact us on social networks or the official convention email, we are thrilled to answer.

Make the autograph a magical moment, try to learn a few sentences or questions, be aware that there are many people behind you and respect in any case the staff and rules of the event. It is in you to take a wonderful memory!

Thanks for your support and trust!
KLZ Events