RisingCon 2

Official Statement

"We are very sad and disappointed to announce that the Rising Con Brasil 2013 has been cancelled due to unforeseeable conditions which make it impossible for the event to go forward. The promoter, KLZ Events and all of the actors have carried out all the possible efforts to try and do the event but we have had no choice but to agree that it must be canceled. We are all very sorry for the fans that did want to see us and regret any inconvenience the cancellation has caused"

We are very upset because in 2011 the event was full of good memories and great times which we will never forget. We met very interesting people who we thank a great deal for their love and support: Mara, Thaís, Nana, Lívia, Juliana, Isabella, Nayra, Priscila, Herissa... if we have missed someone's name, please forgive us. You will all be in our hearts and we hope to see you on another occasion soon.

So, following a mutual agreement with the guests, we have decided to CANCEL the Rising Con Brazil and for now there are no plans to carry out another event in Brazil. WWe are truly sorry that it has ended in this way although we saw it coming due to the small participation of Brazilian fans from the beginning. We want to corroborate is not your fault but this event couldn't made if we wouldn't have a minimum of sales and we didn't have it. We want to thank the 150 people who purchased their pack for their trust.

In regards to the refunds of tickets and products:

The refunds will be carried out during this year, 2013 and in order of payment. At any time you could get your money back.


- People that never get in touch with us won't recieve the refund if they do not contact us before december 31.

- For any mistake with the transfers made before december 25, 2013, we accept to revise it until december 31, 2013.

- If you didn't send the IBAN code before december 31, 2013, when we demand it in july 2013, won't receive the refund.

Remember that we use € and that many products have been paid for in dollars or reals, so the refunds will be done with the exchange rate of the date of the payment.
The refunds will be done in their majority by bank transfer or credit card (those who have made their purchases through credit card). Please, send the complete information of your bank account to spnbrasilcon@klzevents.com with the following details:

- Full name of owner of the account

- SWIFT code

- IBAN code

- Bank destination address

- Complete name of the bank

- Account number

IMPORTANT: In the subject of the email write the number of your pack and full name.

If anybody wishes to exchange their pack and products for any other KLZ Events event, you can do it freely during the next year. You only have to contact us at spnbrasilcon@klzevents.com informing us of the pack number and full name as soon as possible to inform us that you wish to save the money for a future event.

The people who won products and packs through raffles, the products/packs are to be cancelled automatically with no right to claim anything.

We are truly sorry that it has come to this after fighting so much for this event and spending so many hours, so much effort and illusion.

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