75 €

315 €

You can buy your PASSES in our online store

IMPORTANT: All passes are personal and not transferable

* Preference is for activities of OneHundredCon

* All passes can be paid in full or in installments of two or three months.

** The maximum number of guests for this event is 5. The autographs of these guests will be included for the Exclusive and Salvatore passes and these passes will be able to choose the Photo OP. Apart from that, we can have Bonus guests, a maximum of two. The autographs and photos of the Bonus guests are not included in the passes.

We accept payments in installments. There are two ways:

Payment in two months:

50% the first month
50% the following month

Paying with pre-booking of three months:

50€ first month
50% of the final total the following month
50% left of total, two months after the pre-booking

* Taxes included

** Preferential queue places will only be held for those who arrive on time. Latecomers will have to wait their turn in the regular queue. This rule doesn’t apply if that latecomer was in another activity and this couldn’t get there on time.

*** Children between the ages of 5 and 11 years of age will have a 40% discount on the NORMAL packs’ price. All children under the age of 5 have free admission. The minor’s age will have to be validated during the admission process, using their ID or the family book, those under 16 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult. Those between 16 and 17 years old will have to bring along a permission slip signed by a parent or their legal tutor.

**** KLZ EVENTS will provide facilities for handicapped persons for all the activities in the convention.

IMPORTANT: if you pay by wire transfer you have three work days to do the payment

If you have any doubts concerning the conditions, contact us at: