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    Seat reserved and numerated (Preferred Zone) 1 Autograph of all guests (Except bonus) 1 Group Photoshoot (with all guests including bonus) 1 Single Photoshoot (choose between all guests except bonus) Access to all panels and merchandising (both days) Exclusive gif And more!

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    - Reserved Rows (2nd Zone)- Access to all panels and merchandising- With this pass you can purchase photo ops, autographs, etc of your favorite guests- Access both days of the event- Possibility to buy extras

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    Do you like our events and would love to attend every single one of them? Do you want to be the first to know about our news and best discounts? Would you like to enjoy the most exclusive promotions and advantages?

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    With this ticket you can have priority during the autographs and photo ops. *Except with the Total Pass and KLZ eventers, they will always have priority towards this ticket. **Remember that some activities are only one day.

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    The official registration is on Friday afternoon, but we will offer a limited number of people the possibility of doing their registration on Saturday. 

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    #KLZ_LotteryThis year, you can win a TOTAL PASS for one of our events taking part in our #CHRISTMAS LOTTERY!!*The Lottery Ticket number will be random and will have 3 numbers (XXX).You can buy yours in any of #KLZ_Events shops until January 3rd, 2021.http://www.klzevents.com/Good luck everybody!!

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