Event calendar:
April 15th: End of payment in 3 months
May 15th: End of payment in 2 months
June 15th: Close of bank wire option
June 20th: Close shop online
June 22nd: Registration
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JUNE 23rd & 24 th
2018 - Brussels
See you in:



What’s a Meeting Room in a KLZ event?

Hello Everybody,

Spend some private time with you favorite actor.

The number of people depends on the type of meeting.

We have 2 types of meeting rooms:

- Single meeting room:
This one is for a máximum of 20 people + the actor. You will have a 30 minutes meeting in a private room so you can ask him or her any question you like. This is also very popular with the actors, because they can know all of you and make a closer bond with their fans.

- Full meeting room:
This one is for a maximum of 120 people in the Pannels Room and all the actors scheduled for that day will participate in this activity. You can seat much more closer to the actors than in the normal pannels. The meeting will last 1 hour. This activity is one of the most popular with the Party.

Thank you!!!
KLZ Events



Activity: Mystic Falls Party

KLZ Events offers a private party with some of the guests confirmed to the event, this party is just for a tenth part of the assistants of the event, what makes this activity very private and close, and gives a unique opportunity to chat and meet the guests confirmed to the party.

How it works?

After the general activities of the day, you have to go to the room where the party will take place and show your ticket. Once inside you will be in a round table with up to ten people, including the reserve chair for each of the guests confirmed guest. Yes, just a few centimeters from you! Once you are seated, you will be able to get up all the tims you need to buy drinks from the bar at the end of the room.

The guests will come together and will start the activity around all the tables, during that time you will be able to ask, chat and enjoy them, knowing that you'll have all their attention for that minutes that will spend with you. All the guests will be seated in your table one time, so you won't lose any of them.

The duration of the activity is one hour with the guests, but once they finish you can dance on the dance floor to make the perfect ending to that magical day.

Is there a dress code?

Formal but comfortable clothing, although any code is open, since the purpose of this activity is to give relaxed moments together with the guests and there is nothing more important than that.

Where can I buy it?

Mystic Falls Party will is available in the shop of BloodyNightCon!

What do people think of the party? Worth?

You can always ask for information about it or reviews in our Facebook groups of @werewolfcon, @bloodynightcon, @arccon, @acon... ;-)

For more info, send an email to bloodynightcon_europe@klzevents.com.

Thank you!!!
KLZ Events



Event calendar available

If you buy a pass, it's so important than you check and read the website constantly to not miss any informations.

We have the EVENT CALENDAR available with the specified deadlines and also the email for specified doubts: bloodynightcon_europe@klzevents.com.

But if you think you cannot have time to check the website every week, you can also follow our newsletter and will receive all informations per email.

KLZ Events



Nate Buzolic second guest in BloodyNightCon Europe

Hello everybody!

We are so happy with BloodyNightCon Europe in Brussels and thanks to all the bloodys who are trusting in our job. We are creating an incredible experience for all of you. So, today we are very excited to confirm NATE BUZOLIC as second guest. Nate will join DANIEL GILLIES and more in Belgium June 23rd and 24th, 2018.

Passes and extras available in the shop HERE. You can pay the passes in until three months! Do you know which extras we have?



Single Meeting Room - 30 minutes with one guest and just 15 more people in an intimate room.

Full Meeting Room - 60 minutes with all guests and 120 people in the Q&A room. The unique moment you can see all guests together in the stage.

Party "Mystic Falls" - A one hour party with some of the guests. You will be able to drink and dance ;)

If you have doubts, we are at bloodynightcon_europe@klzevents.com.

Thanks everybody!!
KLZ Events



How to Arrive to our event?

You have different options to arrive to Brussels (Belgium) from other European countries:

By plane

From everywhere in Europe to Brussels International Airport (Zaventem) or Brussels Charleroi Airport (direct connection with Brussels Midi Station).

By train

From Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other main cities in Europe to Midi Station in Brussels.


By bus

From Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Milano, Zurich and other main cities in Europe to Midi Station or Nord Station in Brussels.


* More info, you can contact directly with our official travel agency in the main page.

Good travel!
KLZ Events




First Total Pass available in Auctions web

Hello everybody!

The 1st TOTAL PASS will be available from TODAY at 18h (GMT +1) in the auctions zone until Thursday July 13th at 18h. Make your best bid!

What is included?

- Preferred Seating -
- Preference for all activities -
- 1 individual photo of each guest - (BONUS included)
- 1 Group photo -
- 1 Autograph from each guest - (BONUS included)
- 1 Meeting Room with each guest -
- Access to the activities specified -
- Entrance to Mystic Falls Party -
- Exclusive gift -

Auction begins in 500€

Good luck!
KLZ Events



Mystic Falls Party, Full Meeting Room and Group photo is available in shop

Hello everybody!

From now, Party Mystic Falls, Full Meeting Room and Group photo op for BloodyNightCon Europe 2018 are available :-)

What is every activity?

Mystic Falls Party
This exclusive party involves a maximum of 100 attendees and some of the guests confirmed in the event. This activity will take place on Saturday evening after the event activities and it will last around 1 hour.

Full Meeting Room
Would you like to see how all the guests interact between them? This is your activity, only you and 120 more people can enjoy this activity for 1 hour. The chat will be private and you will be much closer to them than in the normal panels. You can purchase your Full Meeting Room ticket in the Shop. Attending all guests confirmed for the day of the activity.

Photo Ops
You will not be as close as this with the guests than any other activity. The photo ops (photos with the guests) give you the chance to have a souvenir of the moment you meet your idol also to ask for that hug that you have dreamed of. If what you ask for is possible, they will never say no.

Shop of the event here.

Thank you!
KLZ Events



Daniel Gillies first confirmed!!

Hello everybody!

We are so happy to announce this first surprise guest for our 6th edition of BloodyNightCon Europe 2018: DANIEL GILLIES! (regular guest attending both days).

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an incredible event! If you have doubts, we are always in bloodynightcon_europe@klzevents.com, in our Facebook and Twitter. Check all the informations in our official website. If you cannot pay your pass in one installment, no worries because you can pay it in until three months. Check the options in our shop. All his products are available now. More guests will be confirmed soon.

Anything you need, we are always here!

KLZ Events



Accomodation in hotels around "The Egg Gallery" for BloodyNightCon Europe 2018

Do you know we offer accomodation for all our attendants?

Check the best rates HERE. If you have any doubt, send an email to bloodynightcon_europe@klzevents.com.

Thank you!
KLZ Events



Welcome to the official BloodyNightCon Europe 2018 website

Hello everybody!

Thanks for an incredible 5th edition of BloodyNightCon Europe! We are ready to offer you the best for 2018 :) Check the website not to miss any detail or information.

PASSES available from June 7th at 18h. (GMT+1). Do not forget: lower numbers, better seats.

And you can pay them in until 3 months!

Thanks for your support and trust!
KLZ Events