Event calendar:
June 15th: Close of bank wire option
June 20th: Close shop online
June 22nd: Registration
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JUNE 23rd & 24 th
2018 - Brussels
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Topic Questions (II)

What if I'm coming just on sunday? or I leave before? The event is TWO DAYS + registration on friday. Two days means from the opening until the last activity and leaving before or coming later is under your risk. We will try to help as always because each case is different, but remember we are working for hundreds of people in the event and we can not stop something just for one person, think in big and do not individualize your problem.

Will you offer food in the event? YES, not KLZ Events it self, but there's a restaurant and they offers snaks, hamburgers, soups, drinks and many other things for a very reasonable price, also near the convention center your will find restaurants and convenience stores.

I'm pregnant, sick, disable, etc... Do I have to make the qeues? NO, please tell the staff and will help you by giving you priority. If you are disable we need to see the disability card from the goverment. If you are sick (no colds hehehe, serious illness) please bring any paper that confirms this.

KLZ Eventers has priority on the registration? YES. Just show the staff your card and follow them to the head of the qeue, you do not have to wait, but please do not bring non KLZ Eventers with you, if they do not have the card they must wait the normal qeue.

KLZ Eventers has priority both days? KLZ Eventers has ALWAYS priority in any activity that starts, but if it's something we made on saturday and we repeat on sunday, they will have to wait so the people that didn't have the opportunity on saturday can do it. What KLZ Eventers CAN do is come to the photos both days or autographs. Just remember guys that there are people that only have one day and they also need their products.

I lost one product after the registration, will you give me a new one? NO, once you leave the registration table that envelope is your responsability. Please remember.

I sent an email with a problem a few days ago, will you reply and solve it? YES, we will, so please do not keep sending emails this only delays the reply and the problem as it will be bump as a new one.

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