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April 20th: End of payment in 3 months
May 20th: End of payment in 2 months
June 22nd: Close of bank wire option
June 27th: Close shop online
June 29th: Registration
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JUNE 30th / JULY 1st
2018 - Barcelona
See you in:



Solve your doubts


If you have doubts about BloodynightCon, we are always at bloodynightcon@klzevents.com but you also can check the different sections of the website.

To find answers in how to buy in the shop.

To get answers about the event.

To know what you are accepting when you buy a ticket and/or extra.

Thank you!
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Digital Photo from all BloodyNightCon

Hey everybody!

Don't forget that you can buy your digital photo ops from all BloodyNightCon editions from 2011 to 2017 in the shop of the event and entering in the different galleries :-) If you have any doubt, send an email to bloodynightcon@klzevents.com.

Link to the shop.
Link to the KLZ Events galleries.

Thank you!
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Do you want to know more about Daniel Gillies?

The 1st guest confirmed has been Daniel Gillies. Do you want to know more about him?

Gillies was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to New Zealand parents. When he was five, his parents decided to return to their native New Zealand, and moved to Invercargill and then to Hamilton. Though born into a family of strong medical background (his father is a pediatrician, his mother a nurse, and his great-great-great-grandfather was the renowned ENT/plastic surgery pioneer Sir Harold Gillies), he became interested in acting because he said it was "the only thing I was ever any good at".

Frustrated with the lack of opportunities in New Zealand, he moved to Sydney, Australia for six weeks in 2001, before going to Canada for two months, where he worked as a waiter and dishwasher until deciding to move to Los Angeles, USA.

Gillies began his career starring in several Auckland Theatre Company productions, before landing a two season lead role in the television drama Street Legal. After deciding that his acting options in his native New Zealand were limited, Gillies explored his options in Sydney and Canada. Gillies then moved to Los Angeles and was soon cast in the movies Bride & Prejudice and Spider-Man 2.

Since 2002, Gillies has worked in Canadian and American film and television – at times simultaneously. Before landing lead roles in television series, Gillies landed guests spots on television shows such as Masters of Horror, NCIS, and True Blood. In 2010, he was cast on the hit The CW drama The Vampire Diaries as Elijah Mikaelson. In 2013, CW created a successful spin-off of The Vampire Diaries chronicling the lives of the first (aka "the Original") vampires. Gillies' once recurring part as Elijah from The Vampire Diaries became a lead part in The Originals. A potential nightmare existed for CW since Gillies was already under contract to play the playboy-ish Dr. Joel Goran in the supernatural series, Saving Hope.Saving Hope initially aired in the US on NBC, but the series was not renewed although it continued to run in Canada. He continued both shows. In 2012, Gillies wrote, directed and starred with his wife Rachel Leigh Cook in Broken Kingdom.

Come to meet him in the 8th edition of BloodyNightCon Spain.

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Nate Buzolic confirmed to BloodyNightCon 8

Hello everybody!

We are so happy with BloodyNightCon in Barcelona and thanks to all the bloodys who are trusting in our job. We are creating an incredible experience for all of you. So, today we are very excited to confirm NATE BUZOLIC as second guest. Nate will join DANIEL GILLIES and more in Spain, June 30th and July 1st, 2018.

Passes and extras available in the shop HERE. You can pay the passes in until four months! Do you know which extras we have?



Single Meeting Room - 30 minutes with one guest and just 15 more people in an intimate room.

Full Meeting Room - 60 minutes with all guests and 120 people in the Q&A room. The unique moment you can see all guests together in the stage.

Party "Mystic Falls" - A one hour party with some of the guests. You will be able to drink and dance ;)

And this year we'll also have the SPECIAL DINNER with Nate and the ESCAPE ROOM!

If you have doubts, we are at bloodynightcon@klzevents.com.

Thanks everybody!!
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How to Arrive to our event?

You have different options to get to Barcelona from different places of origin.

By plane

From everywhere in Europe to Barcelona Airport El Prat (direct connection with Sants Station and you can use the train discount).

By train

There are a lot of connections between European cities and Barcelona coming from France. Check the possibilities with your national trains.

Also, KLZ Events has a collaboration with RENFE (National Spanish trains) and offers 30% discounts in all type of national trains from everywhere in Spain. For more informations and get discounts, send an email to bloodynightcon@klzevents.com (including the train of the airport to Sants Station).


By bus

From France, Germany, Holland, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and so many countries in Europe to Sants Station or North Station in Barcelona.


* More info, you can contact directly with our official travel agency in the main page.

Good travel!
KLZ Events



First Total Pass available in Auctions web

Hello everybody!

The 1st TOTAL PASS will be available from TODAY at 18h (GMT +1) in the auctions zone until Thursday July 13th at 18h. Make your best bid!

What is included?

- Preferred Seating -
- Preference for all activities -
- 1 individual photo of each guest - (BONUS included)
- 1 Group photo -
- 1 Autograph from each guest - (BONUS included)
- 1 Meeting Room with each guest -
- Access to the activities specified -
- Entrance to Mystic Falls Party -
- Exclusive Gift -

Auction begins in 500€

Good luck!
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Mystic Falls Party, Full Meeting Room and Group photo is available in shop

Hello everybody!

From now, Party Mystic Falls, Full Meeting Room and Group photo op for BloodyNightCon Spain 2018 are available :-)

What is every activity?

Mystic Falls Party
This exclusive party involves a maximum of 100 attendees and some of the guests confirmed in the event. This activity will take place on Saturday evening after the event activities and it will last around 1 hour.

Full Meeting Room
Would you like to see how all the guests interact between them? This is your activity, only you and 120 more people can enjoy this activity for 1 hour. The chat will be private and you will be much closer to them than in the normal panels. You can purchase your Full Meeting Room ticket in the Shop. Attending all guests confirmed for the day of the activity.

Photo Ops
You will not be as close as this with the guests than any other activity. The photo ops (photos with the guests) give you the chance to have a souvenir of the moment you meet your idol also to ask for that hug that you have dreamed of. If what you ask for is possible, they will never say no.

Shop of the event here.

Thank you!
KLZ Events



First confirmed guest for BloodyNightCon 8: Daniel Gillies

We are so happy to announce this first surprise guest for our 8th edition of BloodyNightCon 2018: DANIEL GILLIES! (bonus guest attending one day only -day to be confirmed-)

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an incredible event! If you have doubts, we are always in bloodynightcon@klzevents.com, in our Facebook and Twitter. Check all the informations in our official website. If you cannot pay your pass in one installment, no worries because you can pay it in until four months. Check the options in our shop. All his products are available now. More guests will be confirmed soon.

Anything you need, we are always here!

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Digital galleries of BloodyNightCon 2017

Get the digital copy of your photo ops in the BloodyNightCon Spain 2017 galleries.

Link to the galleries

How can I do it?

- Go to the galleries and choose the year of the event.
- Make a list of the codes of the photos you want.
- Enter to the TIENDA of the event and buy as many photos you want.
- Do the order and include in the message the list of the codes for the bought photos.

Galleries are always available!
You can print a copy as big as your wall! ;-)

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Welcome to BloodyNightCon Spain 2018 official website

Hello everybody!

Thanks for an incredible 7th edition of BloodyNightCon Spain! We are ready to offer you the best for 2018 :) Check the website not to miss any detail or information.

PASSES available from June 8th at 18h. (GMT+1). Do not forget: lower numbers, better seats.

And you can pay them in until 4 months!

Thanks for your support and trust!
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