Event Calendar:
March 15th: Passes from 701 to the end- Send the your photo included choice from March 15th to March 25th (until 23.59h)
March 25th: End of payment in three months
April TBA: Saturday registration lists available
April 15th: End of payment in two months
May 18th: Close of bank wire option
May 24th: Close shop online
May 26th: Registration
BloodyNightCon 7: May 27th and 28th 2017 in Barcelona.
BloodyNightCon Spain 2017 Header

Visual Contest 2016:

Exclusive photography contest for BloodyNightCon 2016.

Share your experience inside BloodyNightCon in ONE PICTURE.


- Just photos taken at BloodyNightCon 2016 event.

- Just people with pass for BloodyNightCon can take part in this contest.

- The photos must show the essence of BloodyNightCon 2016 and KLZ Events.

- The photos can show a special moment or can be a general picture.

- There are not limits in the type of photo except for:

1. Photos taken ONLY at Panel's room, corridors, merchandising zone and Party Mystic Falls (other zones are not allowed to take pictures).
2. Disrespectful photos of assistants, organization and/or guests will not be allowed.

- The photos cannot be modified, retouched/altered or photoshopped.

- These photos will be included in KLZ Events database and they could be use for future promotions.

- Maximum of 3 photos per person.

- Graphic and photography team of KLZ Events will choose the winner.


Resolution: 2000pxl or more. HQ photos. *Not watermarks.

Way to send: by email only to webmaster@klzevents.com with reference: "BloodyNightCon Visual Contest 2016" and a name for the photo/s.

Time: From June 1st to June 15th, 2016.

PRIZE: A NORMAL PASS for BloodyNightCon Europe 2017.

Official Travel Agency: B travel Plaza de los Belgas, 18
28400 MADRID
Telf :918492897