Event Calendar:
March 15th: Passes from 701 to the end- Send the your photo included choice from March 15th to March 25th (until 23.59h)
March 25th: End of payment in three months
April TBA: Saturday registration lists available
April 15th: End of payment in two months
May 18th: Close of bank wire option
May 24th: Close shop online
May 26th: Registration
BloodyNightCon 7: May 27th and 28th 2017 in Barcelona.
BloodyNightCon Spain 2017 Header


The essence of a KLZ Events convention

One of the most expected activity of each convention. The actors will interact with the audience, who will be able to ask them questions which the actors will answer. It will take place in the biggest room in the venue where the convention will be held and it will be divided by zones (by preference) which the seats will be numbered, depending on the pass number.

All Passes will have access to this activity.

This is the moment to enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your favourite actors and actresses. This is the opportunity also to give a present/gift to the guest . Remember that guests can ONLY sign official merchandise from the TV series or film, also any product purchased in the Merchandising area during the event or KLZ Events products.

Photo Ops
You will not be as close as this with the guests than any other activity. The photo ops (photos with the guests) give you the chance to have a souvenir of the moment you meet your idol also to ask for that hug that you have dreamed of. If what you ask for is possible, they will never say no.

Meeting Rooms
What would it be like if you could spend some private time with that idol you admire? The Meeting Rooms give you this opportunity, just you and other 19 people (maximum) will be in a private room with the guest. Meeting rooms are for a relaxed time and to have a pleasant conversation with your idol. The Meeting Room tickets are not included in any pass. You may purchase them separately at the shop.

Full Meeting Room
Would you like to see how all the guests interact between them? This is your activity, only you and 120 more people can enjoy this activity for 1 hour. The chat will be private and you will be much closer to them than in the normal panels. You can purchase your Full Meeting Room ticket in the Shop. Attending all guests confirmed for the day of the activity.

Stay tuned! You can gain magnificent prizes through our exclusive raffles, before and during the event. Do not miss out! Only those people who have purchased their pass will be able to participate.

Mystic Falls Party
This exclusive party involves a maximum of 100 attendees and some of the guests confirmed in the event. This activity will take place on Saturday evening after the event activities and it will last around 1 hour. Attending all guests except Ian and Claire.

More activities coming soon.

*These activities could be canceled or partially modified due to force majeure.

* The placement is subject to change by force majeure.

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