KLZ Events Auctions!
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KLZ Events Auctions!
Usual Questions
Could be able to pay the item in more than one time?
Depend of the final price and the item but we normally give two months (50/50).
For the TOTAL PASS, if I already have a pass for the event, could be able to resell my old pass if I win?
Yes, and we help you but you won't be able to apply the price paid for the old pass to the final price of the TOTAL.
Which are the payment methods?
Bank wire, credit card and, in very limited cases, paypal.
What happen if I win?
We will send an email some hours after the end of the raffle giving you informations about payments, etc...
Where can I know when one of this auctions will take place?
We do the announcements of these auctions by official networks, website and newsletter. The announces always take places some days before we start the auction.
How the auction works?
All auctions starts by a minimum price.

We have the auction open between two and three days.

You can bid as many times you want until the deadline.
How can I take part in the auction?
Register to the auctions zone of KLZ Events. If you have doubts, you can send an email to webmaster@klzevents.com.

If you want to make your bid for a pass, it's not necessary you have another pass for the event and everybody can take part on it. If you want to take part in auctions for activities, you must have ticket for the event of this activity.
What's an auction?
An auction is an activity you can't buy in the shop, only in the auctions zone.

We have different auctions for all our events during the year. These activities would be dinners with the guests, Escape Rooms. We also have in our auctions zone the TOTAL PASSES.

All auctions for all the events will take place in the auctions zone.
What's a raffle?
We have several raffles in our events. Pre-event raffles and event raffles.

- Pre-event raffles of any product before the event dates and online.
- Event raffles only for Meeting Rooms inside the event.

We don't do raffles in the auctions zone, only auctions.
More questions?
If you have any extra doubt, don't hesitate to send an email to klz.events@klzevents.com.